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Archer Aviation Completes Second Phase of Flight Testing

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Archer Aviation Completes Second Phase of Flight Testing

Archer Aviation has completed all its “critical azimuth” flight tests, which is the second of three key stages of flight testing.

The aim was to validate the crosswind capabilities of Archer’s aircraft, as well as showcase its robustness when taking off and landing.

“This latest milestone is truly exciting and not only reinforces the capabilities of our aircraft design, but of our highly innovative team. We’re excited to share more updates as we move the campaign even further forward in the coming months,” says Adam Goldstein, Archer’s CEO.

The company is now planning to move to the third phase of testing, which will see how the aircraft will perform at increasing forward speeds.

Archer expects it will expand towards a full transition flight by the end of 2022.

Honeywell recently provided actuation and thermal management technologies to Archer.


Archer Archer Aviation eVTOL Flight testing

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