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Archer Aviation Forms Committee with United Airlines

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Archer Aviation Forms Committee with United Airlines

Archer Aviation and United Airlines have formed an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) advisory committee.

With Archer moving to further develop its aircraft, the committee is focusing on sharing United’s knowledge and recommendations.

The committee will mainly work on how to improve operations, and encourage the widespread use of urban air mobility (UAM).

“The formation of this advisory committee further demonstrates Archer’s commitment to building advanced infrastructure to support UAM at scale. The committee is set up to leverage United’s experience with industry-leading operating strategies in commercial aviation, a key tenet of our business strategy,” states Adam Goldstein, CEO of Archer.

It will be chaired by Dave Dennison, Archer’s Vice President of Engineering.

This is another milestone in Archer and United’s ongoing relationship.

You can read more about Archer in Kenneth Swartz’s Advanced Air Mobility Market Update on Asian Sky Media.


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