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Bellwether Industries Unveils Latest eVTOL

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Bellwether Industries Unveils Latest eVTOL

London-based urban air mobility company Bellwether Industries unveiled a concept on social media of the third generation model of its eVTOL, dubbed Oryx.

The latest version of its 20-foot-long and 12.4-foot-wide electric aircraft features a new airframe design, which the company says is a significant update from its previous iteration.

Similar to its previous model, the Oryx has with a hidden propulsion system and no fixed wings, and is capable of flying at a speed of 140 km/h. It will also have improved flight efficiency, an extended range, and better flight control, as a result of its new configuration and multiple control surfaces, the company added.

Bellwether says its eVTOL would be able to cut an otherwise 50-minute drive down to an eight-minute flight.

“Flying is not incredibly common for everyone but is also nothing new for people. The concept of aviation has been present and developed for hundreds of years, and the design for flying cars has been explored for over a century as well,” said Daniel Chen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Bellwether. “The experience and current technologies in aviation are a critical foundation enabling all the possibilities, and there shall be no fear of innovation.”

The company hopes to debut its latest eVTOL in 2023 at the Dubai Air Show and bring the first commercial model to market by 2028.


Bellwether Industries eVTOL Oryx

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