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Doroni Plans to Deliver its First H1 eVTOL in 2024

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Doroni Plans to Deliver its First H1 eVTOL in 2024

Doroni will launch a full-size flying prototype of its self-developed H1 two-seat personal eVTOL before the end of 2022.

The company is aiming to obtain FAA certification in the light sport aircraft category, which would allow users to fly the aircraft with just over 20 hours of training.

Certification is expected in early 2024, with customer deliveries scheduled for later in the same year.

The H1 is a two-seat personal eVTOL with eight propellers, including a pair of contra-rotating vertical lift propellers, and two propellers at the rear of the fuselage that provide horizontal thrust.

Most eVTOLs are built and designed with multi-rotor aircraft-style fuselages, while Doroni’s H1 provides dedicated horizontal thrust.

The H1 will have a top speed of 140mph (225km/h). Its cruise speed will be close to 100mph (160km/h) and its range will be around 60 miles (96km).


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