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Overair Partners with Urban Movement Labs on eVTOL Infrastructure

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Overair Partners with Urban Movement Labs on eVTOL Infrastructure

Overair is collaborating with Urban Movement Labs (UML) to bring urban air mobility (UAM) to Los Angeles.

The companies will focus on how to apply safe and sustainable UAM technology.

Overair also plans to study the noise impacts of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

“The Los Angeles metro area can benefit greatly from advanced air mobility, given the increased travel times in Southern California on a daily basis. Working together with UML on planning efforts grounded in community engagement, we’re on the path to providing reliable, affordable, equitable, and sustainable transportation options to the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas,” states Ben Tigner, CEO and Co-founder of Overair.

The partnership will start work immediately and focus on infrastructure. They will also work together with companies that are part of the Urban Air Mobility Partnership, led by UML.

Overair’s eVTOL is expected to start commercial operations by 2026.

Urban Movement Labs also worked with Skyroads to launch advanced air mobility (AAM) solutions


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