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ZeroAvia and Otto Aviation Partner to Develop Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft

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ZeroAvia and Otto Aviation Partner to Develop Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft


ZeroAvia, a hydrogen-electric aircraft developer, has partnered with Otto Aviation to create a hydrogen-electric powertrain to power Otto’s aircraft.

Under the partnership, ZeroAvia will add its ZA600 zero-emission engines to Otto’s Celera jet.

ZeroAvia believes that hydrogen-electric engines are the most practical and economical solution to reduce emissions in the aviation industry. The company has made it a mission to deliver one to every aircraft.

According to ZeroAvia’s Founder and CEO Val Miftakhov, an increase in efficiency from a new airframe design can boost the impact of zero-emissions in aviation.

“ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-electric powertrain helps us to realize the commitment Otto has made to lower operating costs and climate impact for operators. Otto is looking to provide the most efficient aircraft in all sense of the word: minimizing maintenance and operating costs and reducing emissions,” says William Otto, CEO of Otto Aviation.

The partnership has the potential to make Celera’s new airframe design use zero-emission propulsion in its launch models.

ZeroAvia plans to fly its 19-seat Dornier 228 testbed aircraft soon.


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