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ExecuJet Haite and Metrojet Acquire Funian Aviation

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ExecuJet Haite and Metrojet Acquire Funian Aviation

ExecuJet Haite and Metrojet announced the joint acquisition of Funian Aviation. The acquisition is slated to be completed in July 2022.

The agreement will build on the existing strengths of both parties, which include aircraft management, flight operations, and MRO services.

“Through leveraging the combined strengths of Haite and Metrojet, Funian Aviation will continue to promote and provide superior business aviation services and solutions that meet the highest international standards of safety, quality and service in the Greater China region and abroad,” says Gary Dolski, Metrojet’s CEO.

The joint acquisition is a major step in the future plans and relationship of both Execujet Haite and Metrojet.

“Funian has an excellent reputation for providing exceptional client service, and we strongly believe their values align with both Haite Group’s and Metrojet’s mission and standing and we are thrilled with the acquisition,” explains ExecuJet Haite’s General Manager Paul Desgrosseilliers.

You can read more about Metrojet and its Clark MRO facility in Asian Sky Media’s 2021 Asia-Pacific Business Jet Fleet Report.


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