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China Southern Airlines GA Takes Delivery of Two Ka-32s

by Emily Gu

China Southern Airlines GA Takes Delivery of Two Ka-32s

China Southern Airlines General Aviation has taken delivery of two Kamov Ka-32 helicopters, which it will use in emergency medical rescue roles.

The deliveries were made in conjunction with SkyCo International Financial Leasing.

The two companies are planning to jointly create a complete aviation emergency rescue force and rescue protection system in southern China’s Guangdong province.

The companies have already set up an Emergency Rescue Command Center at Zhuhai’s Jiuzhou Airport.

The move falls in line with the planning and development of China’s emergency rescue system, which has been growing over the course of the past few years.

Guangdong Provincial Emergency Management Department itself has so far acquired 14 helicopters, after receiving one billion yuan from the Guangdong Finance Bureau.

The two Kamov Ka-32 deliveries form part of the 14 helicopter order, with the only other two helicopters delivered so far being for the Police.

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