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Pratt & Whitney Launches Carbon Offset Service for JetFly

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Pratt & Whitney Launches Carbon Offset Service for JetFly

Pratt & Whitney has launched a carbon offset service for European fractional owner – JetFly.

JetFly has signed up its entire fleet of PT6A powered Pilatus PC-12s to the carbon offset service.

By reducing the carbon emission of aircraft, the service allows JetFly to achieve a more sustainable way of flying.

“JetFly’s decision to register these engines in our Carbon Offset Service underscores the importance of expanding to our general aviation customer base, the largest market segment for the company,” said Irene Makris, vice president, Customer Service, Pratt & Whitney Canada.

The carbon offset service estimates and compensates aircrafts’ emissions by sourcing high-quality carbon offset credits from the South Pole.

According to Asian Sky Media’s Civil Helicopter Fleet Report 2021, Pratt and Whitney is the largest engine OEM for General Aviation in the Asia-Pacific region.


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