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Sunward Tech Raises Aurora SA 60L Price Again

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Sunward Tech Raises Aurora SA 60L Price Again

Sunward Tech recently increased the price of its Auora SA 60L, for the second time this year.

The company first raised the price of the aircraft in April due to what it calls regional conflicts, as well as COVID-19 and supply chain issues.

A second price rise, effective August 21, 2022, is due to an increase in raw material costs.

Any orders signed prior to this date will be unaffected, as long as a deposit has been paid.

In an effort to keep up with market demand, Sunward announced in April that it would expand production to 150 aircraft per year, and improve efficiency in its Zhuzhou Sunward aviation industry base.

The company will also try to optimize and expand its supporting suppliers, whilst introducing a reliable supplier system to help match the company’s output capacity.


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