Asian Sky Quarterly – 2023 Q3

  • Discover Asia-Pacific’s Q3 Mood & Intentions: Analysis of responses to our famous Mood & Intentions survey showed that aside from Southeast and Northeast Asia, optimism levels increased in all other subregions when compared to the previous quarter, but only Greater China and South Asia market saw higher optimism levels than the regional average.
  • Special analysis of the Indian market: On average only 6% of Indian respondents, the lowest since 2019, feel their economic situation will worsen versus the Asia-Pacific average of 23%.
  • Business Jet Flight Activity: The total number of business jet flights departing from Asia-Pacific increased by 42.9% compared to Q3 2019. Similarly, there was a 22% increase in flights departing from the region compared to last year, with a notable 15.9% surge in the third quarter over the same period in 2022.
  • Market Trends in Business Jets: At the end of Q3 2023, the global market inventory value continued to rise, reaching $7.8 billion, an increase of $450 million from the previous quarter.
Asian Sky Quarterly – 2023 Q3

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