Civil Helicopters – YE 2021

The helicopter fleet in the Asia-Pacific region, despite seeing slower growth than in previous years, remains resilient like the rest of the world. Whilst COVID-19 has had an impact on the industry, it hasn’t entirely derailed the investment within the Asian market.

In 2021, there were a total of 4,458 civil turbine helicopters in the region, with the fleet growing by 1.4% thanks to the net addition of 63 aircraft.

The sub-region of Oceania, primarily Australia and New Zealand in the report, recorded the largest growth in turbine helicopters with 51 net additions, equivalent to 3% growth over 2020. The top five countries with the largest fleets were Australia, mainland China, Japan, New Zealand, and India.

The report covers OEM market share, the most popular configurations, and size categories across the region and by country.

With the lion’s share of the fleet being used for multi-mission operations, we have some great insights on role equipment from Oceania Aviation and future predictions for operations from LCI aviation for Helicopter EMS, offshore oil & gas, and parapublic services.

Civil Helicopters – YE 2021

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