UAM Report – YE 2021

In this nascent industry, many policies and standards have not been set. Most governments and industry players are building road maps towards the future, planning on commercial models that have yet to be established. You can find out more about the different markets and what they are working on in the country profiles.

You can read about the eVTOL manufacturers, their aircraft specifications, key milestones over the past year, and their goals. See which countries the OEMs are located in and what types of configurations they are utilizing.

The UAM survey was conducted with nearly 500 respondents from the business and general aviation industry from across the globe with the majority coming from Asia. You can learn more about their sentiment on key issues such as safety, certification, regulations, the environment, and commercial viability for the coming 5 years.

You can read in-depth interviews with some of the key players including EHang and SkyDrive, where they give insights into their future vision of the industry and how they are contributing to the whole electric flight ecosystem in each country.

UAM Report – YE 2021

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