FBOs: Serving the Asia Client

by Global Sky Team

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Rounding off our mini-series featuring 33 of Asia-Pacific’s business aviation thought leaders, Mike Walsh from Aer Mobi speaks with Salem Bokai from JetexRobert Moya from UniversalChristopher Lee Barrow from HKBAC, and Rita Tam from TAG Aviation, all of which talk us through the current workings of FBOs in Asia-Pacific as well as predictions for the next few years.

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What effect has low utilization had on Asia-based FBOs?


How do local FBOs view future prospects?


How is the IS-BAH program adapting to changes?


How has 2021 been so far?


Do you see any opportunities regarding Beijing's 14th 5 Year Plan?


What are the latest trends in China?


Have you invested in new systems or software since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?


Are customers warming up to Sustainable Aviation Fuels?


Have any new companies entered the market?


Any predictions for 2022?


Aer Mobi Christopher Lee Barrow HKBAC Jetex Mike Walsh Rita Tam Robert Moya Salem Bokai TAG UAS

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