Grant Crenfeldt Of Salus Aviation Talks About The Company Becoming A One-Stop Shop For Maintenance Services

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Grant Crenfeldt, Salus Aviation’s Head of Operations, begins this Asian Skycast episode by telling ASG’s Jeffrey Lowe how his fascination with aviation began at three years old when he started building model aircraft, and how he still to this day builds radio-controlled aircraft. Grant then talks through why he recently joined Salus Aviation, explaining that the company’s recent acquisitions is building the company into a one-stop shop offering nose to tail service and repairs, as well as helicopter and fixed wing sales, and flight training.

Jeff then asks Grant to talk through the Salus footprint in New Zealand and the facilities in each of its location, as well as where the company sees opportunities for further expansion. Other topics discussed include whether being based in New Zealand is a hinderance because of its geographic location, and what the Salus Aviation definition of ‘nose to tail’ is when it comes to maintenance services.

Grant then talks through the partnership that Salus Aviation has with Air Methods, including how Salus will convert ex EMS helicopters into other roles ready to be sold on. Finally, Jeffrey asks Grant to speak about the future for Salus, and how the company has been affected by COVID-19.


Grant Crenfeldt Salus Aviation

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