IADA Chairman Paul Kirby on the Growth & Value of the Association

by Global Sky Team

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Paul Kirby, the current Chairman of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), speaks with ASG’s Jeffrey Lowe on IADA and its value to the business aviation community. They start off with the history of IADA – evolving from NARA and how IADA has subsequently elevated itself and the commitment of its members. They then talk on accreditation and certification, membership types and the Code of Ethics. Paul then speaks on the Aircraft Exchange marketplace, Covid-19 and the future plans of IADA.

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Paul’s ‘day job’ at QS Partners and his experience as an aircraft/broker dealer for the past 20+ years


The background of IADA: a worldwide cooperative network of dealers, brokers, major OEMs, and service providers in the industry who’ve been together for 30 years


Evolving from a networking opportunity with NARA, when personal relationships were key


Looking back at the “Wild West” and anything goes


The goals of IADA: showcasing the scope & international commitment of the organization and elevating the profession through competency, values and ethical standards


Accreditation and Certification


Deciding to do better for clients and the market


7% representing over 40%


Attracting new members through accreditation & certification


Standardization: shorter & simpler agreements as time kills deals


Goal of standardized Purchase & Listing Agreements


IADA membership 3 types, representing the relevant players in the industry


Upper Limits


Spreading internationally & overseas


Product & Services members


The structure of IADA, which includes


Responding to the criticism that IADA is just the big guys trying to squeeze out the little guys: it’s all about commitment


Policing the Code of Ethics – Up’d our game as its the core of IADA


Aircraft Exchange: an exclusive marketplace for IADA members US$5.4B in sales 1st year


The benefits of IADA: a competitive advantage & represents your commitment to the industry


The other side of IADA: IADA Foundation – offering annual scholarships, participating in philanthropy, and events


Covid-19’s impact on IADA


IADA ’s webinars and keeping members and clients informed


What’s in store: online education tools; making Aircraft Exchange the premier online marketplace; membership growth & expanding international


IADA Paul Kirby

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