Market Intelligence: JetNet IQ’s Rolland Vincent on Business Aviation in the Age of Covid-19

by Global Sky Team

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ASG’s Max Buirski talks to JetNet IQ’s Rolland Vincent about almost every facet of the business aviation sector, the latest data and trends on utilization and transactions, what owners are doing during this period of travel restrictions, the overall economic picture, air medical and other missions, why the next technological iteration should be about speed over range, the need for OEM consolidation and more.

Main Content


Rollie’s background and what he does at JetNet IQ


Which segments of business aviation will be most impacted by Covid-19


Data trends in flight ops, fuel and passenger numbers and transactions since the outbreak started


What will utilization look like when we reach something like a new normal


What owners have been doing with their aircraft over the last 30 days


The need for an evolution in speed over more range


The overall economy, economic forecasts and the role of the dollar in business aviation


Air medical and the other critical uses and missions for business jets


Why there are too many OEMs and the future of HondaJet


JetNet IQ OEM Rolland Vincent

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