NBAA President & CEO Ed Bolen on COVID-19, the importance & growth of business aviation in Asia, ABACE, and the value & advocacy role of international associations like AsBAA

by Global Sky Team

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ASG’s Jeffrey Lowe talks to renown business aviation advocate National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) President & CEO, Ed Bolen, who delivers a not to be missed masterclass on the support the NBAA is offering to members during Covid-19, how US lawmakers have been receptive to the industry and how to promote it in Asia, the Chinese Government’s forward thinking on general aviation & its value, ABACE 2021, AsBAA and the importance, growing impact & future of business aviation in Asia.

Main Content


How long has it been?


The first ABACE show in 2005 and the remarkable transformation of business aviation in Asia since then


The early days of ABACE, typhoons and a long list of firsts


What the NBAA is doing for the US business aviation industry during Covid-19


Similar roles for sister association AsBAA


How you disinfect an aircraft


How the NBAA delivers its message to members, what’s available & being proactive


The ‘unknowns’ related to Covid-19 and the challenges – got to be nimble


How lawmakers in the US have been receptive to the industry


The push for general aviation by the forward thinking Chinese Central Government


The Central Government’s & AsBAA’s leading role in encouraging & promoting general aviation to students in China


How to advocate for government support for business aviation support – the bare necessities


Jobs, jobs, jobs


Economic development


Natural disasters & national emergencies


Utility, importance & the good of our industry


Promoting business aviation in Asia, the role of AsBAA and seeing business jets as a business tool


The importance of showcasing at the shows


Business tool benefits of business aviation


The upcoming October 6th - 8th NBAA show scheduled in Orlando, Florida – a celebration of business aviation and life


EBACE, ABACE, and LABACE in 2021


ABACE 2021 another milestone and Asia’s evolution & growing impact on global business aviation


IADA, transparency, ethics guidelines and accountability in aircraft transactions & business conduct


Walk the talk


Standardized docs & different ways


The future of business aviation in the Asia-Pacific region & working w AsBAA


The value of the NBAA and international associations to Asia members


AsBAA’s value, advocacy, need for more voices & becoming a member


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