Past, Present & Future of Business Aviation in Asia: How OEMs Handled it

by Global Sky Team

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In the third episode of Asian Skycast, Gary Moran of AON speaks with David Taylor of Embraer and Jerome Desmazures of Dassault Aviation Falcon Asia Pacific, who talk us through the effect that COVID-19 has had on OEMs and first-time buyers, as well as any predictions regarding the next few years.

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Current state of the market in the Asia-Pacific region.


What are the challenges in Asia-Pacific?


What countries in Southeast Asia are seeing the most growth?


How did you respond to the challenges that COVID brought?


Has the demand for private aviation grown across the region?


Is there much demand for new aircraft in Australia?


Has Dassault had much success in Australia?


Is there still a desire for new aircraft acquisitions in Australia?


What consists as an up-and-coming country?


Is there a tendency for people to move up in aircraft size?


When are we going to see a replacement for the Legacy 650 line from Embraer?


AON Dassault Aviation David Taylor Embraer Gary Moran Jerome Desmazures

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