Present at the Creation, an Interview with Wu Zhendong, Part 1

by Global Sky Team

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In Part 1 of an ongoing conversation, ASG’s Max Buirski sits down with Avion Pacific CEO and new ASBAA Chairperson Wu Zhendong to talk about his path to becoming a successful entrepreneur during the opening up of China in the 1980’s, what things were like in the early days of China’s general aviation industry and the importance of recognizing when you’re in the right place at the right time.  They also touch on the Sino-US relationship and Mr. Wu’s goals for ASBAA, before wrapping up with a semi deep dive into the Chinese helicopter market.

Main Content


How he went from studying English literature to becoming a pioneer of China’s nascent general aviation industry


‘Translating’ the offshore helicopter business


Making the decision to go into private business


Landing his first consulting contract


How he got started selling helicopters


The Sino-US relationship


His goals for the Asian Business Aviation Association


The prospect of more open air space


The current state of the Chinese helicopter market


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