Q&A Session: Managing Director Jeffrey Lowe Answers Questions on the Business Jet Market

by Global Sky Team

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ASG’s Jeffrey Lowe answers questions to some of the hottest topics on business aviation in APAC, including the impact of Covid-19, how business jet transactions are being conducted and business jet trends to look forward to. He then wraps up with insight into the market over the last 20 years and his own personal history since moving to Asia.

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Will COVID-19 drive business jet utilization in the long term?


Will that first start with charter and then move to the acquisition of jets?


Do we see an increase in demand for flexible interiors (between VIP/EMS)?


What have you seen in terms of business jet financing for Asia; and how will that be impacted by COVID-19?


Can you expand on what the Asian Sky Quarterly (Q1 2020) survey results hit home for you?


Why were there fewer aircraft sales out of the Asia Pacific region in 2019 than we expected?


Where are most of the aircraft sold out of Asia going?


What are the struggles of getting business jet transactions done in Asia?


Is there a value discount ascribed to an aircraft because it’s based in Asia, compared to the same aircraft based in the US?


Which side tends to be more difficult in an APAC transaction, the buyer or the seller?


Do you expect the number of pre-owned acquisitions to continue to exceed new orders when it comes to Asia, and specifically China?


Do you think we will see a shift to more mid-size aircraft in Mainland China?


Why is chartering a business jet so much more expensive in Asia compared to America?


Are you seeing business jets from Hong Kong relocate to other cities like Clark (in the Philippines) because of parking congestion at the airport?


Is there a specific type of cabin interior that Asian owners prefer for their corporate airliners?


What is driving the trend of owners based in Asia utilizing more offshore registries such as Cayman or Bermuda?


How have the APAC management companies evolved over the last few years?


Is there a distinct client profile typical for the different types of management companies in Hong Kong (eg international vs China-focused)?


What advice do you give to clients when helping them select a management company?


How has the MRO market evolved in Asia over the last few years?


Is more MRO work being done locally in Asia compared to a few years ago?


When did Jeff first start working in Hong Kong?


What’s changed in the Asia Pacific business jet market since you arrived?


How have the OEMs evolved in their approach to Asia over the last 20 years?


How do think the OEM’s have evolved in terms of how they view Asia as a region?


What has been the OEM evolution in terms of their approach to personnel, expats, reps, dealers and local hires?


Asia-Pacific COVID-19 Jeffrey Lowe Q&A

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