Wayman Aviation Academy’s Tony Shen on Training in FL, USA during COVID -19

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Tony Shen, President of US-based Wayman Aviation Academy, speaks with ASG’s Jeffrey Lowe on the flight training market during Covid-19. They start off with the Peruvian roots of Wayman Aviation and its beginnings as a maintenance shop, then introduce the Wayman of today, and how the academy has been impacted by Covid-19 and subsequently shifted its model to adapt to those challenges. Tony then speaks on his optimism for the airline industry, pilot job prospects in the coming years and finally discusses why Wayman and Florida are the ideal places for flight training.

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The origins of Wayman Aviation: it’s founder Mr. Wayman – an immigrant from Peru, settling in Florida & the school’s beginnings as a maintenance shop


2017 acquisition by Shanghai Chiway Education Group & Tony joins the Academy as President


The past 3 years – fleet, facilities, 145, SMS and CAAC certification


Course & Program offerings: flight & maintenance training, Professional Pilot Degree, FAA & EASA programs


Two bases: Opa Locka Airport and North Perry Airport in Florida


The pros and cons of running a flight school in Miami: a global flight training hub


Cost, quality & completion: Come to Florida


Tony’s personal background – 1997 in Florida for Ab Initio training to become a China Eastern Airline Cadet - and how he got into the training business


12,000 hrs, long haul flights & Duke University


American Airlines & Dallas


Back to Shanghai and health care


Flight training as an entry into the GA market in China & buy American


Year end 2019: 42 airplanes, four simulators, new management / operation system, Boeing-appointed contractor


Juneyao & MIAT partnerships


300 students enrolled in 2019 – half US and half international; 10 - 12 months for ‘Zero to Hero’ training (private all the way to commercial multi-engine)


International services: Everything including local transportation


COVID-19 hits Wayman mid-March and immediately impacts international student enrolment


Pivot: Wayman shifts its focus to offer online courses, while local enrolment surprisingly grows


The current airline environment, job prospects and Tony’s optimism for the market and pilots - the airline pilot shortage isn’t going anyway


The ‘silver linings’ of the pandemic for Wayman: innovation & making the school stronger & more competitive


Why Florida & Wayman: Cost, Quality, Completion – Top Tier


English tutoring 101


M I A M I … there are worse places


The future of Wayman: becoming an educational institution in 2021 – state licensing in process – and entry into the APAC GA market, particularly China


Charter & drones


Tony Shen Wayman Aviation Academy

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